The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club

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One of my three primary goals in 2022, is to finish my adventure novel, The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club, and send it off for querying among New York City agents.

I realize you know nothing of the book project and I get that. So why in the world would you want to join an online adventure club of the same name? Right?

Because through this newsletter, we’re going to talk about adventure projects you have or are planning to have this year. We can talk about preparations made, resources, trails, camping grounds, gear, weather, toe boxes in hiking shoes that hurt your feet, all kinds of things!

And along the way, I intend to share elements of the book with you and ask you for input as well.

So what is The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club?

I thought you’d never ask!

The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club

My father is a former B-52 instructor pilot in the United States Air Force. During his 23-year career, the Strategic Air Command stationed us three or four times, (how you count it) to K.I. Sawyer AFB in Upper Michigan.

I made three of those moves there between 1969 and 1978.

My novel is about four teens who build a treehouse deep in the woods off base in 1977. But what they do not realize until it’s too late, is that they have built their treehouse within 150 yards of a Soviet spy who is intent on keeping his presence a secret from the USAF.

  • Do you know how to trap a skunk or why on earth four teenagers would even think to try?

  • What about “haints,” ghosts, or spirits that roam the world along with us?

  • Would you maintain an oath to a club where the members effectively kicked you out and let your nemesis take over?

  • If you had to sneak out into a blizzard, what items would you quickly stuff into your snowmobile suit to help you survive?

  • How would you go about climbing a 60-foot rock wall that drops into a frozen lagoon in order to preserve the one thing you have going for you—the element of surprise?

I’m hoping to attract a group of true and fellow adventurists and share stories of rock climbs, long hikes, waterfalls, old ruins, even the Pyramids.

Become an adventure storyteller

This is your opportunity to join a community of people who share your love of the outdoors. To teach others by sharing your daring-do adventures. To tell my primary goal whenever I write: To tell stories with a purpose.

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There is a free subscription level, and then there are paid plans for increased access. In addition, I have reserved spaces for 15 people who wish to become advisors for this project as “Founders.”

Each subscription type provides access to special levels of content.

I’m excited you are here. We have much to talk about!

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